The Diet Duchess – 1 Week 1600 Calorie Meal Plan


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Are you interested in learning how to eat healthier but you don’t know where to start? You may be trying to lose weight, or just working to establish a healthier lifestyle, but it can be tough knowing which foods to choose, and what’s actually healthy.

The Diet Duchess meal plans are here to take out the uncertainty and make healthy meals simple for you. The meal plans feature 7 days of nutritious meals (3 meals each day) with recipes and instructions on how to prepare them. These include a variety of delicious dishes that incorporate vegetarian ingredients in addition to meals with chicken, turkey, seafood, and dairy.

 The meal plans are designed by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and are suitable for diabetes in addition to the non diabetic client.

To determine what calorie level is best for you, visit the following calorie calculator from the American Council of Exercise. It will take into account your age, gender, height, weight, and physical activity level. The calculator will estimate how many calories you need daily to maintain your weight.

If your goal is to lose weight, you can either:

Option 1: subtract 500 calories from this daily amount (this will allow you to achieve 1 pound of weight loss per week)


Option 2: subtract 1000 calories from this daily amount (this will allow you to achieve 2 pounds of weight loss per week)

Don’t wait another minute to try one of The Diet Duchess Meal Plans. You deserve all the benefits that a healthier diet has to offer.


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