8 Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket

Easter is just around the corner, and this week’s post is going to help you build a healthier Easter basket this year. As a major chocolate lover, don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you have to eliminate the candy all together. Instead, take some of these suggestions to help build a basket with more balance to show your kids that healthy foods can also be a fun part of the holidays and your lifestyle.

In addition to including yours (or your kid’s) favorite candy, consider adding some of the suggested items below:

Dried Fruit with No Added Sugar

Dried fruit can be a good option, and even something that you can fit inside your plastic Easter eggs. Just be sure to look for dried fruit that has no added sugar because a lot of the dried fruit out there has as much added sugar as a candy bar. See a few examples below.

Annie’s Cheddar Bunny Crackers

My toddler loves these organic cheddar crackers. Their bunny shape will tie perfectly into the Easter theme of your basket. The crackers are made with real cheese and have all natural flavors and colors.

Natural Lollipops with No Added Sugar

We recently bought these for my daughter to enjoy during her first international flight. They look just like regular suckers without all of the added sugar and artificial colors. My husband even thought they tasted good, and he’s definitely a tougher critic on healthy foods than me lol.

Inedible Gift Basket Ideas

I know Easter baskets are typically overflowing with candy, but there are also some great non edible gift basket items you can include.


For my two year old, Easter themed books are a great option. Aim to get a book that will be age appropriate. Any book that you think your little one will enjoy reading will be perfect. Encouraging more reading can be a great educational way to decrease screen time (time on the phone, computer, TV or playing video games) for your little one.

Activity Book or Coloring Book

Another great option to include in your Easter basket is an age suitable coloring book or activity book for your child.


Including a new game that your family can enjoy playing together is another great candy free Easter gift option (Bananagrams  game pictured below as an example).


Consider adding the CD of your child’s favorite musical artist or singer. Or if you have a younger kid, look for a CD with fun children sing along songs to listen to in the car. If all else fails, you can always just keep things simple with an Itunes gift card.


Give your Easter basket a little something special by including tickets for a fun family outing or activity. You can do something as simple as movie tickets, or even get a little more creative with tickets to the trampoline park, zoo, or aquarium.

I hope this week’s post gave you some new and healthy ideas for your family’s Easter baskets this year. Let me know which options you incorporate and  enjoy the most. Wishing you a happy and healthy Easter.

Royally yours,

The Diet Duchess

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